36 Point Roof Inspection

– The first part of the roofing restoration process is an inspection of the roof, and as a general contractor we are trained to know industry standards.

– Our roofing experts will inspect your property to determine whether or not to proceed with the restoration process or repair.

-We will provide you with a complete report including photos and other materials that can help you with the restoration process.

FREE, No Obligation Roof Assessment

-For peace of mind, our roof inspector specialist will conduct a free, no-obligation assessment for your roof and provide you with a full assessment report for the property damage of hurricane wind or hail including photos.

Assessment Review with Owner

-Within 24 hours of the roof inspection, we will set a meeting with the property owner to review the report and provide recommendation

-We will provide you a complete inspection report including photos that can be used as a reference with your restoration process.

Roof Assessment Service

Meet With Your Adjuster

-As homeowner you will contact your insurance agent in case roof damage has been verified.

-The insurance claims department will assign an adjuster to inspect and evaluate the loss.

-The claims adjuster will provide you with an itemized report, including a claim settlement, deductible and depreciation amount.

File Your Roof Insurance Claim

-Once roof inspection is complete, our expert roofers will explain the findings and if there is enough damage will recommend the options you have.

-We will also review all steps of the roof restoration process and explain the form that allows us to go to work for you.

-This form is called the “Subject To Agreement”.  As a home owner you are not under any obligation to work with us unless your claim is approved by the insurance company.

-The “Subject To Agreement” also states that the only cost to you is the insurance deductible.

-Our expert roof restoration specialist, will meet with your adjuster and review the damage report.

Make Sure Restoration Is Per Code

-During our inspection visit we will provide you with all information regarding roofing standards so you can make wise decisions.

-Our roof assessment report is always properly documented with photos.

-Our experts understand the construction part of the restoration of the roof process and take it seriously when it comes to building the roofs up to code.

Subject to Agreement

-Once roof inspection is complete, our sales manager will review all steps of the restoration process and explain the form that allows us to go to work for you.

-This form is called the “Subject To Agreement”.

-The “Subject To Agreement” also states that the only cost to you is the insurance deductible.

-Expert Roofing Services requires that we have this approval signed before moving forward with any restoration service.

Roofing Claim Adjuster

Detailed and Itemized Estimate

-Our roofing expert specialists will meet with the adjuster and point out all the damages that were found on the roof and inside the house.

-Our roofing specialist will provide a line-itemized estimate using estimating software that is widely used in the industry.

-The estimate provides each step in the repair or reconstruction process and provides the specific cost associated with each step.

-The application we use provides a fair market value estimation of the cost of the work.

Importance of Building Codes

-In case adjusters are assigned to areas of the country with which they are not familiar, our expert roofing specialist are familiar with the building codes requirement in local municipalities.

-Our roofing experts specialist will review the adjuster claim and verify that items that should be replaced meets local building codes.

Claim Supplement Process

-Supplemental claims are common on large projects where additional loss and damage may be discovered while completing the repairs.

Roofing Insurance Claim Assessment

Project Review and Approval

-Sign the Contingency Agreement

-Roof Inspection and adjuster meeting

-Quote and follow up

-Supplement quote and approval

-Crew supervisor and project manager will meet with the property owner to go over the construction check list.

-They will also go over the detailed quote, special attention areas, such as leaks, material and color selection and final safety tips.

-Scope of Work

-Products and color selection

-Program and project management details

Project Planning

-Beginning of the project, the crew will protect the property for safety and damages.

-A crew supervisor will meet with property owner for any final concerns that they may have and explain the day to day work process.

-During the project planing phase our expert roofers will go over the following:

-Review and plan the project

-City Permit

-Scheduling and timelines

-Order Materials

-Plan Delivery of Materials

Project Completion

The supervisor and his crew are on the site, covering the landscape, preparing property for material arrival.

-Safety is our highest concern so the property and the roof are inspected and hazardous material removed or identified during this process.

-Next step is to strip the old roof, clean the area and inspect the deck making sure that the surface is solid or requires repair or replacement

-Once material is on site installation starts with the underlayment and then top payer of tiles or shingles.

-End of each day of construction, we will perform a complete site cleanup.

In the project completion phase:

-Material is dropped at the property.

-Start the roof replacement process.

-Complete final inspection and deliver the roof.

After the completion of each process our crew supervisor, will go over the inspection list with the property owner making sure that he is completely satisfied with every aspect of the work and nothing has been overlooked.

-Once checklist is approved, a final acceptance certificate is signed as final completion of the project.


-Once project is complete the insurance company will release the final payment.  After final payment has been released to our office, our customer service will provide you with our workmanship warranty.

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Contemporary Style roof


Clean lines and appearance that perfectly complements both traditional and modern architecture

Traditional Style Roof


The look and feel of a Mediterranean shores of Spain, France, and Italy.

Transitional Roof - Expert Roofing

Transitional Roof

Clean lines of contemporary but mix heavily with the traditional look

Who we are

Expert Roofing Services specialize in roof restoration and deliver the best quality roofing materials, professional installation at lowest possible prices.

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We Specialize in Roof Restoration Services and Deliver the Best Quality Roofing Repair or Replacement at the Best Prices.




We have perfected our Roof Restoration process to make it easier for you. Request a free roof inspection today.


Reviews and Testimonials

I would highly recommend Expert Roofing Services to anyone that needs their roof done on time and on budget

Roof Successfully Delivered

I just want to thank Expert Roofing Services for their effort and time to make sure the our roof, gutter, and window damage was properly restored.

Raymond G.

Jupiter, FL

Reliable Roofing Service

Once we decided on a color for the tiles, our roof replacement went smoothly. Joe was awesome. He was in contact with us and responded to all questions promptly. recommended Expert Roofing to all our neighbor across the street!

Elaine T.

Palm City, FL

Efficient and very supportive

Our roof suffered a major damage from hurricane Irma. Expert Roofing was recommended to us by our next-door neighbor. They took a great deal of patience and support. Through it all, They knew exactly what to do and were very professional and explained step by step all details and once claim got approved the roof was replaced on schedule.

David F.

Melbourne, FL

Professional team

the job supervisor always spoke with us and addressed our concerns. He made sure the crew clean up daily before leaving including all nails. The roof repair was done quickly and we are very satisfied with the result.

Peter H.

Port Saint Lucie, FL

High standards

I am very impressed with Expert Roofing Services and the way they handled roof restoration from start to finish. The daily cleanup was very good and the whole experience went very smoothly. The team was very professional from start to completion. We would recommend Expert Roofing to anyone needing roofing services.

Anne M.

Stuart, FL

Great Job with our Roof Repair

The team at Expert Roofing did a great job with our roof leak repair. They were able to repair quickly and professionally. Thank you

Keith M.

Fort Pierce, FL

Expert Roofing Delivered

Great Job!!! Mike is a man of his word. We had a problem with with our new roof and the team from Expert Roofing came right out to make an immediate repair. I'm not an easy customer to please, but Expert Roofing delivered. Thank you.

Tony M.

Vero Beach, FL

Prompt and Professional

The guys from Expert Roofing were prompt and professional. Job was done properly. We're very happy with the results

Lynda M.

West Palm Beach, FL


Call now for a free roof inspection with no-obligation.

Roofing Claim Adjuster


Our specialty is Roof Restoration due to storm and hurricane damage. Our licensed Roofing team will assist you with your roof restoration process from start to finish.

Roof Inspection


Expert Roofing inspectors will be looking for leaks, wear and tear, damage caused by wind and problems that may have occurred during roof installation or subsequent repairs.

roofing company

Roof Repair

A roof repair will help address problems with the roof before major damage occurs. Getting regular roof repair will extend the life of your roof. Broken Tiles! Roof is Leaking! You May Qualify for a New Roof.

roof replacement - Expert Roofing Services

Residential / Commercial Roof

Expert Roofing Services specialize in roof applications of Shingles, Tile, Barrel and Metal. We provide roof repair and replacement serving residential and commercial properties.

roofer - Expert Roofing Services

Roof Maintenance

Expert Roofing Services team will remove debris and tree leaves, clean the gutters, clean dryer vents, reseal flashing, boots, vents, and transitions, remove and reseal loose fastener.

Got questions?

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

1. My roof is damaged, what's next?

If you suspect that your property roof is damaged, the first thing to do is schedule a free inspection today.  Our roof specialist will inspect your property to determine the cause of damage.

As a General Contractor we are trained to know industry standards.  Upon roof inspection, we can determine if it is a roof replacement or a simple repair.

2. How much does it cost?

The claim estimate will include all details for the roof repair or replacement approved by your insurance.

3. How will I be paid?

Once claim is approved, the first check received will pay the actual cash value of the damaged roof, less any applicable deductible.

• Actual cash value is the cost to replace an item at the time of loss after subtracting depreciation.

• If your policy has Replacement Cost coverage, additional payment may be issued to you after your repairs are complete.


Have questions or need more information about your roof? We're standing by and ready to help!

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 6 reviews
by Souzi Tatarian on Expert Roofing Services
very pleased with Expert Roofing Services

Expert Roofing Services provided us with an initial free roofing assessment and inspection. I am very pleased with Ronny's honesty, professionalism and punctuality. Expert Roofing also provided an estimate on roof repair and supported us with adjusters inspections. I would gladly work with this Expert Roofing for all my future roof needs!

by Diane Cimino on Expert Roofing Services
Roof Delivered in a timely fashion

Ronnie and his crew were professional and installed our roof in a timely fashion. He communicated everything on a regular basis. The crew cleaned up well, and everything went smoothly!

by Marielle Cummings on Expert Roofing Services
Best Roofing Service

Best Roofing Service in south Florida

by Wanda ONeil on Expert Roofing Services

They did a good job with the roof. I do have a suggestion ,and that would be to make sure when they do the final cleanup to make sure they clean everything up to include the extra shingles that same day. They shouldn't have be called to finish the final clean up.

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