Roof Restoration

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  • Broken tiles, leaking roof! Once roof damage has been verified, contact us for a FREE roof evaluation.
  • We will setup a free inspection with the homeowner
  • Measure, diagrams and estimate damage through sophisticated software
  • You the homeowner will file your claim
  • Within 48 hours, you should be contacted by the claims department.
  • A claim adjuster will be assigned to inspect the roof and evaluate the damage.
  • The claims adjuster should provide you with an itemized explanation on your claim settlement including your deductible amount and depreciation.
  • Our company will review the claim and will support with the adjuster in case of any missing items or supplement is required.
  • Scope of work is confirmed. Ex: Roof, siding, gutters, etc.
  • Material ordered and delivered
  • Construction is completed

FREE Roof Inspection Service

Our team can inspect the roof for damage and offer a variety of suggestions from maintenance, repair or replacement

Roof Restoration Service

We offer a wide range of roofing services throughout the state of Florida. Our service covers roof replacements to repairs & maintenance work, we have the years of experience and the high-quality materials needed to tackle projects of any size.

Roof Restoration Process

Hurricane season and unpredictable severe weather events with wind, hail and heavy rains can damage your roof.  Your insurance should generally cover damage to roofs brought on by natural causes.

If you discover damage to your roof, call us and our expert professionals can inspect, document and a fantastic read photograph the damage.

  • Free Roof Inspection
  • Subject to Agreement
  • Project plan and scope of work
  • Meeting with the Insurance Adjuster
  • Work order and material selection
  • Site preparation
  • Construction process
  • Closing the project
  • Warranty

1. Free roof inspection?

The first part of the claims process is an inspection of the roof.  Our roof specialist will inspect your property to determine whether or not your claim needs to be filed.  As a General Contractor we are trained to know industry standards.  Upon roof inspection, we can determine if it is a roof replacement or a simple repair.

2. Subject to Agreement?

Once roof inspection is complete, our expert roofers will explain the findings and if there is enough damage to make a claim.  We will also review all steps of the restoration process and explain the form that allows us to go to work for you.  This form is called the “Subject To Agreement”.  As a home owner you are not under any obligation unless your claim is approved by the insurance company.  The “Subject To Agreement” also states that the only cost to you is the insurance deductible.  Expert Roofing Services requires that we have this approval signed before working on your roof

3. What is Project plan and scope of work?

Once your claim is filed, your Expert Roofing Supervisor will provide you a complete “scope of work”, that includes all items to be replaced and measurements of damaged area. Pricing is not discussed at this stage until we hear back from your insurance adjuster.

4. Meeting the Insurance Adjuster ?

Your Expert Roofing supervisor will meet with the adjuster and point out all the damages that were found on the roof and inside the house.  Once we complete the assessment with the insurance adjuster, we will generate an itemized pricing of the project.  This will process will give you as the property owner peace of mind.

5. Work order and material selection

Crew supervisor and project manager will meet with the property owner to go over the construction check list.  They will also go over the detailed approved insurance claim, special attention areas, such as leaks, material and color selection and final safety tips.

6. What happens during the site preparation phase?

Beginning of the project, the crew will protect the property for safety and damages.  A crew supervisor will meet with property owner for any final concerns that they may have and explain the day to day work process.

7. What happens during the site construction process?

The supervisor and his crew are on the site, covering the landscape, preparing property for material arrival.  Safety is our highest concern so the property and the roof are inspected and hazardous material removed or identified during this process.

Next step is to strip the old roof, clean the area and inspect the deck making sure that the surface is solid, in case not address the surface issue with the insurance company for a supplement coverage.  Once material is on site installation starts with the underlayment and then top payer of tiles or shingles. End of each day of construction, we will perform a complete site cleanup.

8. What happens during the project closing process?

After the completion of each process our crew supervisor, will go over the inspection list with the property owner making sure that he is completely satisfied with every aspect of the work and nothing has been overlooked.  Once checklist is approved, a final acceptance certificate is signed as final completion of the project.

9. What type of warranty is provided after project completion?

Once project is complete the insurance company will release the final payment.  After final payment has been released to our office, our customer service will provide you with our workmanship warranty.

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