Roof Restoration Support

Broken Tiles!  Roof is Leaking! We have helped many homeowners get a their roof restored. Call now for a free inspection and no obligation.

The Perfect Restoration Service! and it is FREE

Expert Roofing specialize in roof restoration due to storm and hurricane damage. Our expert team will assist you with your restoration process from start to finish. This service is FREE to all our customers.

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Roof Inspection

We inspect your property and provide you with a full assessment report for the property damage of hurricane wind or hail including photos.
Within 24 hours of the roof inspection, we will set a meeting with the property owner to review the report and provide recommendation.
For peace of mind, an roofing experts will conduct a free, no-obligation assessment for your roof.

Project Planning and Review

Our roofing specialist will provide a line-itemized estimate using estimating software that is widely used in the construction industry. The estimate provides each step in the repair or reconstruction process and provides the specific cost associated with each step. The application we use provides a fair market value estimation of the cost of the work.

Insurance Restoration Process

-Contact your insurance agent in case roof damage has been verified.

-The insurance claims department will assign an adjuster to inspect and evaluate the loss.

The claims adjuster will provide you with an itemized report, including a claim settlement, deductible and depreciation amount.

Our experienced roof specialists, will review the report and make sure that all requirements have been considered.

Job Order and Contract

Once your insurance company approved the claim, we will schedule a meeting with you to go over the Scope of Work, Products and color selection, City Permit, Scheduling and timelines. Once approved, we will order Materials, final inspection and deliver the roof

1. What tools do you use?

We use the best technologies available such EagleView, Xactimates and iRoofing. Using these prime tools allows us to deliver the certainty of your roof replacement with the best practices, materials and labor available on the market today.

2. I filed a claim, what is next?

If your roof is damaged and you filed a claim, it is best to get an estimate from us after your adjuster has been out to inspect your roof, so you know you have been treated fairly.

3. What documents do I need to start?

Once claim is approved, we will plan to explain the complete project plan and sign a job contract before proceeding the roof replacement or repair.

4. How much does it cost?

The claim estimate will include all details for the roof repair or replacement approved by your insurance.

5. Would the claim be approved?

If we have looked at your roof and advised you to file a claim and the claim is denied we will be willing to meet with your insurance company for a re-inspect to show them why we gave you that advice.

6. My roof is damaged, what's next?

If you suspect that your property roof is damaged, the first thing to do is schedule an inspection today.

7. What happens if additional damages are found once repair started?

If damages are found when repair started, you will contact the insurance claims adjuster and request a supplement claim to cover the additional repair. Depending on the nature and extent of the additional damage, we may need to re-inspect your home before any repairs are made.

8. How will I be paid?

Once claim is approved, the first check received will pay the actual cash value of the damaged roof, less any applicable deductible.

• Actual cash value is the cost to replace an item at the time of loss after subtracting depreciation.

• If your policy has Replacement Cost coverage, additional payment may be issued to you after your repairs are complete.

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Broken Tiles! Roof is Leaking! Call now for a free roof inspection and no obligation.